Make wood wheelbarrow

Отцы! Дружеский вызов. Провести время с вашими детьми.

Fathers! A friendly challenge: spend time with your children.

Дроваотстарогозабора.Химически обработанные. Ручки изтеррасной доски,они сильнее. Мостдлинныйболт, две гайки.

The wood is from a disassembled fence, it’s pressure treated. That is a chemical process to resist rot. The handles are cut from a deck board, it is stronger than fence boards. The axles is a long bolt, with two nuts.

It is possible to make a wooden wheel.

Можно сделать деревянные колеса.






































2 thoughts on “Make wood wheelbarrow

  1. I’ve had the wheel around for years; I don’t recall where I found it. I’ve seen them at antique stores. As for the plans, I drew them up my self. They’re available as a vector file for free at the link just above the first picture. You’ll need a vector editing program to see it, the plans were drawn with Inkscape, which is free.

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