камуфляж ящик для инструментов – Camouflage Tool Box

Отцы! Дружеский вызов. Провести время с вашими детьми.

Fathers! A friendly challenge: spend time with your children.

Camouflage experiment. I have read that camouflage patterns try to break up the shape of an object; I also want to break up the surface. First, we used spray cans, then a small spray gun. I use it as a large airbrush.

camoBox_acamoBox_bcamoGreencamoBoxGreencamoBox_ccamoBox1camoBox2camoBox2bcamoBox3camoBoz3bHere’s a contemplated camouflage scheme on my latest Toyota truck:1987_ToyotaFre vector file at Inkscape gallery:  Free Vector SVG

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