телега металлических Restore metal cart

Отцы! Дружеский вызов. Провести время с вашими детьми.

Fathers! A friendly challenge: spend time with your children.

This cart was given to me, the children have been wanting one for several years. I decided it would be a good restoration project to do with them. The pictures should explain everything; but here are a few clarifications:

I did this with my two youngest sons, and explained the word ‘kinetic’ to them. We wrote it on paper, to make the lesson more complete. We needed kinetic energy to fix the large dent on the left side. The hats are not usual attire, they were given to them and new things are cherished for a few days. In the first picture, you can see the trash and things that were in it. Included were some nice new pieces of steel, and two large mud flaps for a truck. I need those for my 1951 Chevrolet, so that was good to find.


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