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Hello, my name is James, I live in the US. It was at least 3 or 4 years ago that I became interested in Russia. First, I was impressed how they valued traditional Christian morals, in spite of immorality in other parts of the once civilized world. At the time, the prospects of my family being able to remain together in a place where the progressive agenda was taking over did not look good. It is June of 2017 as I write this, had HC been elected, I would most likely be in prison for violating hate speech laws. The woman transgressed the law before she was elected, no one convicted her of criminal activity then; had she grabbed the reigns of power, no one at all would stop her from any activity she wanted to engage in. The world narrowly missed a very dark situation in November 2016.

I wasn’t aware of any significant resistance in the US, and D Trump hadn’t yet become the Republican candidate. So I planned to leave the country. My intended destinations were either a South American rain forest, or Russia. In South America, I could probably retreat far enough into the forest to never be apprehended by the progressives. Russia would have physical challenges as well, but at least we could have more of the technical advancements we are accustomed to, and I would be on the right side of the conflict..

This site was intended to give me a web presence regardless of where we moved, but was primarily intended for residing in Russia. The effort it takes to make a web site easy to find is called SEO. One of the criteria the search engines are looking for is an older site, at least one that isn’t new. The plan was to have this site up and running, so that when I needed it to get work as a craftsman, it would be functional. The name is supposed to sound like “Appalachian Spring” a popular American musical composition. One of the things I intended to do in Russia was a timbering tools demonstration, which I have already done many times here. These tools were used extensively in the Appalachian region, where Chestnut tress grew in abundance, hence the site name.

At this time, there are several factors that make moving to Russia a very difficult proposition, the biggest of them not being related to anything in that country. Still, in the time that I have been learning about Russian history, language, geography, food, music, and more, I have become a Russophile, an admirer of Russia. So much to love.

From a Christian perspective, the Christ Himself said “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. Perhaps this site can in some small way help draw people together over great distances. From a political perspective, I have not forgotten the way Russia and her president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin resisted the pressure, hazards, and sanctions put against them in the last several years. I consider the sanctions unjust, and  hope to make non Russians less alienated from the beauty of the Russian people and their culture. Thank you for visiting this site.

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